07 February 2022

The Spain Pavilion, a sustainable space at MWC22

The Spanish Pavilion forms part of a sustainable development strategy in line with the Agenda 2030.

At the Spanish Pavilion we have accepted a commitment to the environment, pursuing equilibrium and doing our bit on the road towards Sustainability.
The construction of our physical installation at MWC Barcelona 2022 is based on open and fluid architectural principles that have sustainability at their core and which find
expression in the following aspects:

            - The suppliers of our materials are fully environmentally conscious, only using raw materials with a low environmental impact.
            - The wood used to build the Red Stand is pine, and it is combined with the use of other sustainable materials such as melamine.
            - The carpet is made of recycled materials.
            - Our printed vinyl and vinyl lettering will use 100% sustainable ink.

This equilibrium that we have so carefully applied to the construction has also been behind decisions taken in other phases, ensuring that all the other materials can be recycled when the stand is taken down, to reduce the amount of waste.

We have also taken other specific steps to achieve an optimal level of energy efficiency. Our energy consumption could not be overlooked in this effort. That is why
all the bulbs used in #SpainMWC22 are LED, which consume between 60% and 90% less electricity that any conventional bulb. The use of LED lighting is just one more effort in the sustainability policy applied at the Spain Pavilion

The path to sustainability is not an easy one, but it is very necessary. We cannot afford to wait longer before making changes for the sake of the environment and a better

The time is now. Everyone has a part to play.