07 February 2022

Experience the Spain Pavilion at MWC22 with all five senses.

Once again, the Spanish Pavilion at MWC has a lot of new materials to present at Fira de Barcelona 

It is a hybrid space, a meeting point where the virtual and physical worlds come together to host 35 tech companies from Spain who will display our enormous potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The merging of content and architecture will be the central idea behind the presence of Spanish institutions at MWC22, articulating a Pavilion with a dual nature that plunges visitors into an immersive experience and gives them access to a diverse catalogue of presentations and networking opportunities. 

We have worked hard to ensure that out Pavilion stands out for: intelligence, flexibility, adaptation and connections. We want users to enter into a flow of material and the virtual when they arrive at our stand.

The virtual Pavilion offers digital visitors a personalized experience. Not only will it offer the digital channel access to the physical aspect, but it will be a full visit in its own right. From here, visitors can attend the speeches, see the profiles of the companies, podcast content and other services that the Spain Pavilion offers physical visitors. They do not just see it, they can LIVE it. 

 Using our Red.es live system means that they can live stream all the presentations, conferences and round tables with the leading experts and authorities from the sector who will be dropping in at the Spain Pavilion at MWC22.

 On the other hand, the Spain Pavilion will be bilingual, in English and Spanish so that all users can have the opportunity to connect with us and see everything that the Spanish business sector has to offer. 

 The Spain Pavilion has also been designed in accordance with a sustainable and efficient building system, seeking equilibrium between materials with the lowest possible impact and enabling the complete recycling of all the parts used to make it, to minimize the amount of waste generated. 

From Red.es we would like to invite everyone with an interest in learning more about the tech sector in our country to come for a unique experience at the Spain Pavilion, both those who are able to visit the event in person and those who want to connect from anywhere else on the planet. 

We want everyone to know all about us, wherever they are.

We have made this experience stand for you. 

We look forward to seeing you at the most important fair in this sector in Spain.