25 February 2022

PODCAST, a space for digital communication at the Spain Pavilion

Podcasts have become a popular form of digital communication in recent years. If you have not caught on and still don’t know what it is, which we doubt, we’ll tell you about them!

The term comes from the merging of the words iPod and broadcasting, and it is simply an Internet radio programme. You can tell how new it is because the first one was made using an iPod, the Apple music player that shook up the market for listening to music. 

Although podcasts emerged around a decade ago, they did not really become popular until later. You must bear in mind that the radio has never really been updated. It is the oldest mass media, and its listeners were a very specific target group. The audience has therefore had to discover this new alternative form of media for itself over the years. 

At the dawn of this new media tool, there were “podcasters”, people who adopted this format as the only, or at least the central, part of their digital communications. Only a few years ago, however, podcasts became a much more democratic instrument. That is why all communications platforms now have their own podcast. 

And of course, the podcast will be present at the Spain Pavilion at #MWC22 

That’s right. #SpainMWC22 will have its own podcast during the Fair.

The podcast will be active during the event, but not before, so if you sign up for our PODCAST section, you will not find any entries there. The content will be generated in situ, so our episodes will start to broadcast on the first day of the MWC22, which is 28 February, and will end on 3 March. 

There will be one programme per day, to be uploaded to the section at the end of each session. Therefore, if you have visited the Fair, you can arrive back home or at your hotel, relax and still be in time to hear the good stuff from the Spain Pavilion.

We are not going to reveal our topics yet, but we can assure you that they will be complex and gratifying, talking about innovation, telephones, connections and the technology sector in the widest possible sense. There will almost certainly be several interviews in each episode, reports, excerpts from speakers and all the information that makes the sector so agile. After all, that is the reason why we decided to create the Spain Pavilion podcast for MWC22 The driving force of the Spanish companies in this fabric 

The opportunities for synergies within the meeting will be multiplied if we get our communications right, and we believe that this podcast can lead to mutually beneficial relations between fellow exhibitors.

We are at the most important event for the advance of technologies, and we promise to offer communications to match.