AE Innova - "Hacia la transformación digital de la industria 4.0 con el menor impacto ambiental usando la tecnología NB-IOT/LTE, y dispositivos Iot sin baterías"

01 Marzo 2022

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Aeinnova introduces a new challenge for the Industry 4.0: Become more sustainable in their digital transformation. To achieve this challenge AEInnova proposes a new approach that is to power IoT devices using waste heat and wind, removing lithium batteries. These devices, overpassing energy limitations are able to compute data (edge-computing) and send data using long-range wireless protocols such as NB-IOT /LTE-M. The combination of batteryless and NB-IOT/LTE-M enables a new billion IoT devices market for telecom companies, able to introduce these services in strategic sectors such as Oil&Gas, chemical, petrochemical, iron&Steel, where previously were not suitable to be introduced due to the limitations of the lithium.

  1. Raúl Aragonés