The user experience conundrum: How telcos can benefit from TV and media services

The role of video content in the telco market has grown alongside the demand and popularity of OTT content services and mobile networks. This means that more than ever telcos need to make sure video is a key part of their offering to engage, acquire and retain customers in order to maintain revenues. 

In this session, Agile Content's Caspar Luyten, chief business officer for telecom service providers, will explain the real benefits that telcos can take from TV and Media. He'll take a deep dive into the challenges faced when building an economical TV service that's not necessarily complex or risky, in what is an incredibly competitive industry. 


Whether it's adding value through the super aggregation of TV and media platforms, or using FAST and VOD-to-live channels, Casper will explain what telcos need to do to compete by creating a user experience that viewers love. 

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Empresa: Agile Content

Ponente: Chief Business Officer, Telecom Service Providers
Caspar Luyten

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