First 5G quality of experience (QOE) benchmark in Europe

This 5G QoE benchmarking initiative is aimed at providing the most comprehensive, independent and customer-focused benchmark of 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) in Europe, with the goal of supporting the deployment of 5G networks and enhancing customer experience. The comparative analysis of more than 20 operators in 8 European cities, is part of MedUX's continuous commitment to driving the development of quality and service performance in telecommunications networks worldwide.

As a leading Internet Quality of Experience (QoE) company, MedUX leverages a broad set of metrics and real-time statistics from a customer perspective to deliver its services. We used our QoE Scorecard, based on international best practices, to allow national and international comparability while offering end-to-end visibility into network and service performance issues.

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Empresa: MedUX

Ponente: Rafael Gonzalez

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