AEInnova is a spinoff of the UAB`s microelectronics department. Develops IIOT solutions for industry 4.0 predictive maintenance. The advanced devices are powered by energy harvesting from heat, wind and solar. They have characteristics that differentiate them from the competition as they use very long-range wireless networks (LoRaWAN / NBIOT). They are the only battery-free and maintenance-free devices on the market. They are also capable of sending data with very low latency (every few seconds). The information is represented in an advanced cloud platform that allows managing thousands of nodes in a simple and efficient way. This cloud has advanced management services, alarms, reports, etc

The INDUEYE solution has been installed in dozens of industries in our country in the oil, steel, aluminium, plastics, paper, etc. sectors.

It has the CE and ATEX certification to be able to be installed in areas with explosive atmospheres.

AEInnova is recognized as EU Key Innovator in Autonomous Sensors by the European Commission, and in the TOP10 EU Deeptech in sustainability. 

The European Commission EU FUND and EIT Innoenergy are part of our shareholders.

AEInnova is recognized internationally with 30 Awards (IOT world congress, IOT World Cup, Energy Transition Awards, United Nations, etc).


Activity sector: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities

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