Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing is a quantum and quantum-inspired software company. It prepares algorithms and software that work for real-sized problems in finance, energy, manufacturing, logistics, life, health, bio, defense and space. Some solutions work in quantum computers, some in classical (traditional) computers and some others combine both. The best algorithms are included in Singularity, a product from Multiverse that anybody without quantum education can use (even from Excel!).

Multiverse Computing is the largest quantum software company in EU (employees, capitalization). It is headquartered in San Sebastian (Spain), with offices in Toronto, Paris and Munich. It has a team of 80 people, 30% PhD, 30% women. Multiverse Computing has partnerships with most quantum manufacturers. Multiverse Computing filed 56 patents in 2022 and published 21 scientific papers. Multiverse Computing has more than 50 clients and more than €10M in Total Contract Value.

Activity sector: Quantum computing, Artificial intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity

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Victor Gaspar
Head of Advanced Computing Business Development